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I hereby authorize The Grayling Hospital for Animals, to perform the above procedure(s).  In addition, I understand that during the performance of the procedure, unforeseen conditions may arise that necessitates an extension or variance in the procedure(s) set forth above.  I am aware that unforeseen events arising from the procedure(s) will not relieve me from any obligation to all reasonable costs incurred regarding the animal.  I have been advised as to the nature of the procedure or operations, and the risk involved. 

We require all dogs to be current on vaccinations for Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, and Rabies when hospitalized. (If your pet is found to have live fleas at the time of admittance we will be treating for fleas at your expense.) 

Please protect and identify my pet with a Microchip:

Vaccinate my dog for:

I want my pet to receive Intestinal Parasite Exam (Fecal):

I want my pet to receive Heartworm and Tick Illness Test:

We strongly recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing before any procedure as it can identify increased risks for complications.  Please rest assured that advances in anesthesia and surgery have made procedures relatively safe with a low rate of complications.  Nevertheless, occasional problems can arise due to pre-existing conditions not evident during routine examination.

An IV catheter and fluids are also strongly recommended to maintain your pet’s blood pressure and decrease the risks of complications due to low blood pressure during procedure, to prevent dehydration, to aid in recovery, and to provide a life-line in the event of an emergency.

We require pre-anesthetic blood testing and I.V. fluid therapy on all pets 7 years of age and older to better identify and reduce the increased anesthetic risks in middle to older aged pets.  

We require I.V. Fluid therapy on all patients here for a dentistry for additional support due to length of procedures.

I accept Pre-anesthetic blood testing

I accept Fluid therapy